It’s truly been a life journey. To fathom writing perspective thoughts into a cyber social medium never gravitated to mind until this day . Is there always a feeling in your life at pivotal progressions, you feel shackled, handcuffed and locked away by the forces of the world around you? Are you bound and confined to everyone else’s opinions and thoughts? It’s time to be untamed and release into the stratosphere. This site was birthed and forged together for everyone’s entitled reading pleasure. It’s dedicated to constructive genres, passionate and compassionate scopes of realization. Enclosed are thoughts, opinions, facts, fiction, written published books and cross referenced new equilibrium provoked dimensions that you may relate and aspire to.letterbalm-mans-hands-in-handcuffs

Cross into realms of realism and settle into sedated flows of expressed foresight. Fade into reads within genres and understand why the contrast is or isn’t a classified representation  of your bestowed character. I’m proud to launch, Crossfadeuniverse.com. As it continues to fortify,  I’m just sharing my world and visions. I thank you all in advance for the feedback and readers intake contribution. God Bless.

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