Breakfast With Love

breakfastAuntie would rise about 7am in the morning on this particular day, strolling out of bed embracing another glorious gift of a day called life. This was a special morning because her three favorite young nephews have spent the night over. Three boys sleeping tent style in an old fashion living room laced with a rotary phone, lamps displayed like a room in an old John Wayne type western with dishes that were from  a set piece waitressing kitchen black and white scene.

Curtains were colorful and bright yet dark enough to keep out the morning sun rays from producing beams of unwanted light.  Auntie would walk into the bathroom in her cotton slippers and flowery gown to prep and pamper herself  to awaken the boys.

It was Saturday morning cartoons time. The three boys could sleep through anything, even trucks strolling by commanding the thumps of potholes in the street. Even the click and clacking of pots and pans were no match to awaken these 3 little monsters cocooned in their tent like living room dwelling.  Strolling into the kitchen with the sound of her slippers sweeping the floors, Auntie opened the refrigerator and began to gather her scientific food categories to prepare the three little harmless monsters their start of the day meal.

The screech of the faucet was heard as water began to flow in auntie’s declared lifelined riddled palms. A three click blue flame was lit to the stove as the pots and pans were strategically placed atop. The sound of butter was heard crying its tone spreading across the circumference of the an age old pan. A pot of water began to boil alongside while lettuce and tomatoes were being chopped into a fine layer on a dented cutting board. Three mugs with four finger handles were cleaned and prepped to the side. Auntie glanced into the living room, an umbilical cord  smile of love was diplayed across her mature Dorothy Dandrige replica of a face.

The sound and smell of perfected cooked bacon began to fill the air. Eggs were scrambled and well creamed to that as the soft nature of textured pudding. Grits were lightly salted and filled the pot to mixed perfection. Toast was geared and readied to the likes of a golden brown element similar to slightly rained wood. The four finger mugs were filled with fresh apple juice that glimmered with a wine sedated color. The three boys simultaneously sensed the aroma through their nostrils, yawning, yet full of expression as if they were never asleep. Auntie sets tray tables side by side on a plastic cushioned couch with armrest that were fluffed and almost the size of her three nephews. She gave each one a kiss and a hug and served them their breakfast that was molded together with unconditional love. The TV was turned on to their favorite Saturday morning cartoon channel. These type of days will never be forgotten from those days until the end of my days.

Cook for your children people, they will understand the importance of this type of family bond. Love you much Aunt T.T.

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