GTX 980 TI

msi_gtx_980ti_gaming_6g_gtx_980ti_6gddr5_gaming_1435760426000_1163829If you’re a computer gamer like me, The GTX 980 ti is a true beast of a card. The card has five display outputs, three display ports, HDMI and DVI-I. With 7 Gbps memory, it’s the fastest GDDR5 memory you can find on a graphics card today. It comes at a $680 price tag on Amazon and Newegg. Is it worth it? For me, an excruciating pain to my wallet yes!

It’s overkill for 1080p resolution but you’ll never have to worry about FPS. (frames per second) Paired with a 144hz monitor and also Gysnc, you’ll be in gaming eye candy heaven. It handles a lot of the most demanding games at ease. You can take a look at the performance  below for Battlefield 4. My peronal machine is as follows.  I have an –  Asus Z97-A motherboard, Intel Core i7-4690k  8GB of DDR3/1600 memory, 240GB Crucial M500 SSD, 850W EVGA G2 PSU, and Windows 8.1.  Crank it up and enjoy! Get the GTX 980 TI here.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 9.00.03 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 9.00.33 PM


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