Halle Berry


From beauty queen to an Oscar winning actress, you have to admit, it does’t matter what your nationality is, Halle Berry is just a super sexy beast. I’m talking an exaggerated sexy, gorgeous, beautiful and elegant all rolled up in one. There are many accolades and hardships to her story, but surviving everything, she still strikingly retains that ultra lovely admirable appeal.

I first noticed her in the movie The Program back in 1993, the year I graduated from High School. She wasn’t that known, but to me, she was all that and a hellafied (if that’s a word) bag of chips. Practically one year from turning 50, Mrs. Berry will always be my number one  favorite lady of all times. Can I get some thumbs up for the movies Swordfish and James Bond? Catwoman I must admit wasn’t that great, but the suit on her, lord have mercy…. You get my drift. Decades of sheer hotness! I’m sure she smells great as well. Halle Berry forever baby! Get Halle Berry perfume here.


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