Jessica Lucas

ryans-blog-stuff-do-not-publish-20080122024819957Well you don’t say, another beauty has been added to the hit TV show Gotham. Introducing none other than the lovely lady Jessica Lucas. Jessica appears to be one of those hidden talents that’s not always in the spotlight. Guess what, in this day and age of Hollywood nonsense, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. How many women are going nude just to get a bit of the spotlight. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with sporting your sexuality, but at what cost and extremity. As of right now, I appreciate her ability to not follow the status quo.

I first noticed Jessica in the movie Cloverfield which debuted in 2008. The movie was geared towards an American type of Godzilla movie. Not sure of everyone else’s thoughts but I enjoyed that film. She’s also been in TV shows such as Melrose Place, 90210, Cult, and just recently Gracepoint.

The gal is undeniably gorgeous. Caramel skin, captivating big bubbly eyes and a swooning smile, how is she not more known and gravitated to?? Jessica is Canadian, and was born on September 24th 1985. Approximately 5”6 of stunning elegant appeal, how far will she take her acting career? There are more accolades to her resume and I’m sure continued success will follow. Just recognizing her as a favorite lady of all time. It’s definitely a pleasure to watch her work on screen.


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