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I generate income from this website you’re reading  by driving traffic to it. Most people waste money buying pointless stuff these days. When will you take that cash and invest it in yourself? It’s something I’ve been doing on the low. I don’t really have to promote my business opportunities  on my main Facebook page. However, I do know people are struggling with their finances. Knowledge is power, and I’m going to share with you how I make a living. About 2-3 years ago I got into online affiliate marketing. I learned the importance at a late stage of having more than one legal stream of income, most importantly RESIDUAL INCOME. I also build websites and computers as hobbies. Now I’m venturing into book writing. Everything is from the ground up. Hobbies have become income streams because people actually will pay you to get things done. This can happen in anything   you want to do in life. Most of us work one main job. Some love it, some don’t. Companies don’t want you to retire with them anymore. It’s to costly.

Yes there are 401k plans, but how many of you had to keep switching jobs, whether hating it, laid off, not being paid enough etc. I worked in the Loss Prevention/Operations field for over 20 years. I’ve been a Loss Prevention/Operations Manager for 8-10 years making $65,000 a year, no kids, not married etc, pretty much living as a bachelor. I got tired of it. Everyone goes to college to make that kind of money or more with certain professions of choice. What you don’t realize is that you’re working a ridiculous amount of hours and barely have any time for yourself or family. If you do fit them in, you’re literally tired, it becomes systematic and time goes by super fast.

For those who worked in any type of retail environment, you know exactly what I mean. These days it’s been about chasing after what I really want to do. Still young and strong, I’m turning hobbies into passive income streams, working for myself as an affiliate marketer, pursuing voice acting and the other things I mentioned as well. How am I able to focus on all of this? My time is being freed up. If you’ve been in sales at some point in your life, you will excel in this opportunity, but at the same time you don’t need any experience at all.  There’s training that will literally guide you and it’s easy. I invite you to try something different. You’ll learn everything you need to know to get started. Join free and just watch the videos. You won’t be disappointed. This is pretty much the same way Facebook  started. This could very well be that next company, you never know. I choose wisely. You get 1st tier tools and training.  Click Here or the banner below to sign up for free. Take a look, You’ll be surprised.

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