Why Do Men Leave

man-walking-awayAre you serious, the week goes by and no home cooked food periodically. (Sheesh, not even a sandwich made for a dude.) You’re exhausted from work so the sex isn’t that inspiring, kind of on the lazy side because you want to fast forward into your favorite TV show which happens to be everything. You just had dinner with your girls Friday night. You’re engaged in endless conversations with your other girls on Saturday night. Sunday comes and you’re upset at him because he didn’t want to go shopping with you on NFL game day, thus severing communication. Hmm, So what knee jerk situations do we have here that’s never given attention to? If you can honestly say this is you, even accidently in some shape or form, keep reading.

My expressed written consent is what I’ve seen and experienced in my own and others past relationships. They are from a man’s point of view. Hopefully, if you’re a woman reading this, choose to at least energize yourself with the content and reflect. Forget about your own desires of what you want at the moment. If you think you’re entitled, this read may shock you. Understand the first rule of thumb. To a real man, feelings will never take precedent over logic. I don’t care if he’s a doctor or employed by Fedex. It doesn’t and won’t matter if you’re successful or not. The scale is the same. If a man concedes to that simple fact, yes, he will stay with you for a long duration of time, but be prepared to reap the tangible truth of countless lies to come with that time. Let’s give this block some perspective. I’m wondering if it’s really that hard to conclude that men are really simple in relationships. Yes, a great deal more simplified than women, kind of like tying your shoes. The knot and loop will always never be the same, but they will always be tied. What are the common disasters that women make with men and choose to ignore or not recognize?

#1 – Women think they can choose their man.

That’s a new to this generation misconception that 90% of American women think. How do I know this? Because 90% of women have horror stories of their past relationships but continually follow in that same pattern. Not to mention, marriages in the 60’s 70’s and a bit of the 80’s, couples are still married at a higher percent. The bulk of those marriages are old school. Guy asks the girl to a dance. Guy meets girl at home with flowers and a soda pop. The rest is history. To much complicaton to please a women these days because there’s to much distraction for them.  A bigger factor and while I’m all for independence, society has pacified women into thinking they can choose a man like they choose their careers. I’m sorry but it just doesn’t work that way. If you think it does, good luck. You’ll always end up with someone who can’t stand on their two feet.  Not allowing a man to choose you is perhaps the biggest mistake women of today make. What I mean by that is recognize a man of action rather than words. Notice how he follows up, how authentic and truthful he is in everything that’s done for you. He pursues you with resilience but does so respectfully. Some women today call that being thirsty.  Such a shame, I wish you good luck.

#2 – I don’t need a man.

So when women express that, what makes them think a man needs them. Do women honestly think they can say that to one man and when she finally has the one in front of her, he can’t feel that exhausting vibe?  Ladies, that mentality is written all over your persona and men that you haven’t but might meet can sense it. It’s probably a good idea not to express that if you’re indeed open to having someone find you. It’s not logical thinking, and as you recall, men think logical. If you choose to keep kidding yourselves, Good luck.

#3 – Unknowingly conditioning men to lie.

You purchased a red and blue dress.  You try both of them on, you’re practically engaged and head of heels for the blue dress. You ask your man which one he prefers. He says he loves the red dress better than the blue one. You ask why. He replies it looks better and has more appeal to him. Now you’re ticked off because you desire the blue dress. To top it off, he doesn’t know that you recently tried it on before for your girlfriends and they loved it. So you’re still giving him the evil look paralleled with the silent treatment. First thing comes to his mind is not getting any lovin tonight, so he changes his mind to the blue dress and convinces not just you but himself that the blue dress was a much better choice. You accept that instant lie change of tune just like all the other lies you’ll accept in your relationship to come. Hmm, so do men have to lie to gain your acceptance? It would seem so. Good luck.

#4 –Untruthful with the concept of sex and a relationship.

Yup, this is perhaps one of the more famous ones. Here’s what happens with that. You lie to a good man that you wanted a relationship knowing that you only wanted sex and break his heart. The universe punishes you for the next 10-15 years with garbage candidates. You lie to the wrong man and now you’re being read about in the local news papers. You fall in love with a man who knows that the partnership was originally based on sex. Now the man is the bad guy because he eventually doesn’t want you in a relationship capacity. Keep being dishonest and consumed in these uncontrollable emotional rollercoasters. After a while, 98% of men will increase the afterburner into the sunset.  Good luck.

#5 – Telling your man to Man up.

I don’t think women understand that phrase is a relationship killer. It’s tossed around like the phrase  I love you. Women don’t understand that it’s extremely disrespectful and you just harpooned yourself out of the relationship. It may not happen instantly but its an exponential sure thing. If you decide to say that because you’re upset at something, good luck.

#6 – Men are suppose to read minds.

This is a tough one believe or not. I don’t think women understand the difference between a man servant and a man that genuinely wants and likes to do things for her. Say what you mean and mean what you say but understand if you come off not lady like, he won’t stick around for long.

#7 – Feminist mentality.

Need I say more. You will instantly be using your vibrator for years to come. Men will surely close the door on you, even sexually to find a nurturing sweetheart. Good luck to the ladies with the following catch phrase, “Imma Boss”

#8 – Women moral standards have diminished severely.

Men loose respect for women that don’t posses a lady like charm. Sadly it reigns supreme in a multiple number of genres. Personal preference will only get you so far with real men. Men know the difference between publicly slutty and publicly elegant. Good Luck.

#9 – Feelings over logic.

A man will leave 100% of the time and go his own way knowing the difference between logically right instead of catering to feelings of a woman being totally wrong. I.E, feelings being hurt doesn’t overshadow something being right and authentic. Women may get away with it once or twice, but after that, he’s done. Will you take my word for it? Good luck if you don’t.

#10) Competing with your Man instead of supporting him.

Know that if a woman doesn’t support her man’s efforts through success and more so his failures, It’s a realistic sure bet the phone calls will fade into nothingness. How many stupid ideas you thought were stupid just because it didn’t center around attaining a Masters Degree. A lot of so called stupid ideas have turn into relevant successful ventures. A man is suppose to fall billions of times, then he picks himself up. If you’re not supportive in helping to uplift him mentally, Janet, you know the girl that keeps eying him from a distance who you think has no shot because you own a home and wear Gucci… She becomes his main squeeze after your relationship is over. Success then follows shortly after that for him. Good luck with the competition thing.

So to wrap things up a bit for all you beautiful women out there that can’t seem to keep a man, the world doesn’t center around you. You’re not entitled to anything. You have to earn your place just like a man does, and to do that, all you have to be is genuinely nurturing, a trait that has become extinct over the last several years. The good men who you claim are not out there, they’re right in the mix of the gender clash, they just choose to go their on way and not drown in a pit of women self proclaimed BS. I can honestly say that over the years, I have yet to meet a woman that genuinely apologized to their man for misconscrued misplaced ideologies. Bad attitudes with the premise that because you’re a woman it has to be accepted and catered to?? You should see the look on my face for that one. Good Luck.

On a final final note, desirability does vanish after a certain time, but men can care less of being desirable when that time period comes. I suggest you grab that good dude now or else risk the inevitable. The moment you understand and adhere to logic, your man will be puddy in your hands. There can definitely be more to this topic, but my fingers are done typing. Good luck to the masses.

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